Another Man’s Wife – New Version 1.09 [Too Perilous]

Another Man’s Wife – New Version 1.09 [Too Perilous] Free Download

About Another Man’s Wife – New Version 1.09 [Too Perilous]

Info: “I have a really strange question for you, so I’m just going to ask it.
Would you like to be in a threesome with me and my wife?”
One simple question without a simple answer sends you on a journey of discovery. By the way, did we mention you’re married? How will you tell your exquisite wife about this offer – or will you? What will become of your marriage if you decide you want to sleep with another man’s wife?
Navigate your way through this erotic story as a brilliant young professional whose choices are never just his alone. Join him in adventures reserved for swingers and help him convince his wife that this is a journey they want to take together. But travel this path with care. You are surrounded by women who are as confident as they are beautiful. They will let you make your own choices, but then they will make life altering choices as well. Make good choices and uncover the secret connection between your new lifestyle and other oddities you and your wife encounter along the way. Make poor choices, and watch helplessly as your wife brings the whole adventure to a premature end.
Another Man’s Wife is an adult visual novel that has a focus on eroticism and titillation. The mental and emotional components of the sexual experience are central to the game and bringing added life to the images and animations used in telling the story. Another Man’s Wife is still in development, but the story elements are mostly complete as are the plots for two sequels. We are releasing a free demo since this is our first product, and we are also releasing the game as Early Access. Join us in this journey and help shape the future of this story.


Date: 02.03.2024
Language: English
Version: 1.09
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: All sex, Animation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Cheating, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Hardcore Sex, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Orgy, Ren’py, Seduction, Sexy Girls, sharing, Simulator, swinging, Threesome, Too Perilous, Voyeur


Version 1.09 of the game is now live. It is not everything I had hoped for, but there’s a lot in there. There are three versions of a scene at the end in the guestroom. All three versions are incomplete. When we update to 1.09a, those scenes will be fully fleshed out.
So what do we have in 1.09?
(A bug. 1.091 is being patched now and we are defining “w”)
Three all new scenes that follow Steph’s big moment
Several smaller scenes relating to the ending of several story paths
20 all new animations
10 replacement animations
2 added animations to a previous scene
A new dialogue option that first night in the bar that better defines the trajectory you want for your relationship
Multiple improvements to dialogue and scene flow based on the new dialogue “switch”
An actual ending to a couple of the story paths
Access to the galleries (Only one is working at this time)
Starting with the last item, the galleries menu is in and the first scene can be viewed. There are thirty scenes available in the galleries, but the last bank of scenes is crossed out since that content is not in the game yet. But when we get to 1.10 all thirty gallery scenes will be available.
We also have an ending for some of our story lines. This part is actually really exciting for us because we are finally giving a peek at the long slow brewing story. People were beginning to figure out that the game is not about sex. It is about relationships, but it’s also about something bigger. How big? Well, bigger than a yacht for starters. You’re choices have mattered more than you know.
We are also pleased to have the new dialogue option in the game that was the result of a lot of conversation with our players. We look forward to your feedback as we work towards broadening the appeal of the game. I will say that I view this addition as a first step in a refinement process that is going to take time and hundreds of little corrections to make it work the way we intend. But as we worked on this, our goal changed from “Managing” your relationship with your wife to “Cultivating” that relationship.
Lastly, we have all new content. The feature in the new content is your first one on one time with Tori. This was a little tricky to build, but fun. Tori’s going to show you a whole other side of herself.
Lastly, I will say that we are going to focus all work in the next few weeks on update 1.09a. We want to completely finish everything we have out there and correct any strange game mechanics we may have introduced with 1.09. We tried real hard to play through all the options, but as I said before, there are over one hundred combinations of principle variable now, and accounting for all of those has been a task (I had to create a separate spreadsheet for it!) We think we got it, but I’m sure we’ll find in the coming days that we missed more than just the necktie that was taken off then mysteriously put back on.
As always, the work continues. Thanks again for being here in Early Access. This update more than any other represents the contributions of our players.

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