Lustful Spirit Hunt – New Version [LAGS]

Lustful Spirit Hunt – New Version [LAGS] Free Download

About Lustful Spirit Hunt – New Version [LAGS]

Info: You play as a character called ‘Ted’. Together with you assistant ‘Luna’, you visit haunted places to capture ghosts.
Your last investigation went terribly wrong which lead you to a hospital.
Now after discharge, you are home to continue your dangerous adventures.​


Date: 10.03.2024
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Type in these code like you would do for GTA games.
whatareyou – Reveals ghost name without affecting objective.
whereareyou – Reveals ghost room
runner – Infinite running stamina (Toggle)
lovemaker – 3x Climax Speed (Toggle)
fuckyou – Enrages ghost to hunt even though fear meter is low.


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Current Ghost:-
1) Wendy (Tutorial Ghost, Doesn’t spawn during a case)
2) Powerghost
3) Kupper
4) Shy
5) Countlanak
6) Bloody Mariam
7) Bansheep
8) Weseen
9) Tall Lady
10) Willy Wisp
11) Conjurer
12) You-Rei?
13) Thunger Girl
14) Suck-ass-bee
Current Contracts:-
1) Abandoned Shed (Tutorial Level)
2) Luna’s Home
3) Croydon Home
4) Hillford Asylum
5) Sunflower City Streets
6) Evergreen University
7) Shepherd Family Residence
Current Content:-
1) Luna’s Cloths:-
Demonic Lust
1) Wendy’s Vessel:-
Tall Lady – T-Shirt/RKU
Faith – T-Shirt/RKU
Judy’s doll – T-Shirt/RKU
3) TV Channels:-
Kara Loft – Final Episode
50 Days Anal Sex
4) Flash Drives
Luna’s Flash Drive
Mac’s Flash Drive
Olivia’s Flash Drive
5) Recruits
Tess/Tess’s Robot
Lust (Gloria formerly)

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