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Ninja One Thematic Child Theme

About Ninja One

Ninja One is a free WordPress child theme for the popular theme framework Thematic (If you are looking for a powerful theme framework with lots of functionality, Thematic is the one). This is the first child theme that I’ve released and I hope you like it.


From the Ninja One Options page, you can easily:

  • Add a custom logo.
  • Change the header background color.
  • Add your Google Analytics tracking code.
  • Add your Feedburner feed name.

Other features include:

  • 404 content widget to easily customize the 404 content.
  • Add a favicon by simply uploading the favicon.ico file to the images folder inside the theme folder.


Ninja One Version 1.0

Ninja One Version 1.1

  • Added code to remove slashes from Google Analytics code (functions.php).
  • Tidied up some code (functions.php and phpstyle.php).

Download Theme

Instructions on how to download, upload, and activate the theme

  1. Download the latest version of Ninja One (ninja-one.zip) and extract the folder ninja-one.
  2. Download the latest version of Thematic and extract the folder thematic.
  3. Upload both folders to the wp-content/themes directory provided by WordPress.
  4. Log in to the WordPress Administration Panel and select the Appearance panel.
  5. From the Available Themes section, find Ninja One and click Activate.

36 Responses to “Ninja One Thematic Child Theme”

  1. Ninja One Thematic Child Theme…

    Ninja One is a free WordPress child theme for the popular theme framework Thematic. From the Ninja One Options page, you can easily add a custom logo, change the header background color, add your Google Analytics tracking code, and add your Feedburner …

  2. Judson says:


    Your theme is amazing … Just tried it out.

    There are a few things I would like to change, so pouring through the .css at the moment.
    But, it is pretty cool from what I have seen so far. Great work dude, great work.

  3. rp says:

    Hi, your theme looks great. I’m thinking about to try it out. But there’s one thing I’m wondering about: Why are the headline tags in the sidebar H3? Isn’t that very SEO-unfriendly?

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  5. Ian Delaney says:

    I notice your demo features a mouseover effect for the logo, which doesn’t seem to be replicated in the downloadable version?

    Also, any chance of a PSD version of your logo?

    • Artur Kim says:

      I used the sliding doors technique. The mouseover effect is created by the background-position of the image changing from center top to center bottom. If you take a look at logo.png that comes with the theme, you’ll see what I mean. The height of the image is 80px, but I set the height to 40px on the options page since that’s the height of the logo. I hope this helps.

      Thanks for using the theme on your blog!

  6. Ian Delaney says:

    So one more thing. The WP-Navi styling looks great, but doesn’t allow much space if your blog is in double figures for pages. Any chance of slimming it down so that I can allow for more pages shown? Or a tip that will help me do it?

    This basically fills up the whole width allowed:

    Or maybe I am doing something else wrong or unoptimised, at any rate.

  7. Ian Delaney says:

    One more thing I’m trying to work out.

    The category/tag/search/author pages all use excerpts. That’s good, as I understand it, from an SEO perspective.

    However, the visual result is a bit drab – so I’d like to include thumbnails. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? (There’s a Thumbnails-for-Excerpts plugin but it doesn’t work here).

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  10. Jason says:

    I really like your child theme, but have a question on increasing the width of the content in the page and post views. I noticed that you reference the Thematic 2c-r-fixed.css layout and I changed the default #content in the Thematic directory width from 540px to 600px, which gives me the width I want. But in the page view and the single post view (entry-content?), it is still too narrow (540px?). How do I go about increasing the content there?

    • Artur Kim says:

      You will also have to modify the width from .page #content, .single #content. Thanks for using my child theme!

  11. K FLYER says:

    @Artur Is Ninja One inheriting all of Thematic’s SEO functionality or have you changed any of them ?
    @ Ian Use Get The Image by Justin Tadlock. There was a thread on Themeshaper Forums on how to add the code to functions.php . It is a very good plugin and lets you output your thumbnails however you want. It would have been excellent if this functionality was built in to Ninja One.

  12. Jason says:

    On the Ninja One theme, how would you remove the “Home” tab on the navigation menu?

  13. Christiaan says:

    Absolutely love the theme! Just had a couple of questions about the logo:

    1) What font did you use? I’d like to repilicate the logo you did pretty closely using my own title.
    2) What padding did you leave around the text within the image?

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  15. Johann says:

    Hi I would like the secondary aside be next to the primary aside
    instead of under it.
    any idea of getting this done?

  16. Rosalind says:

    Thanks for creating such a nice theme!

    I need help with the navigation menus. The theme has two navigation menus in the header area. The first is above the blog title (containing pages & custom links) and the second menu is a series of tabs below the blog title (containing post categories).

    I want the second menu to show the pages and custom links, and NOT the post categories. And, I want to delete the first menu, above the blog title. The result should be that I have only ONE tabbed navigation menu, with page and custom links showing.

    How can I do this? Thank you.

  17. Fredrik says:

    Hi, I love this theme! But I’d like to add a background image to the main column and I can’t find where I should put the code… I suppose it’s in style.css and that I should put “background: url(images/…);”

    • Fredrik says:

      Ok, I found it…
      I added this line to ninja-onestyles.css, in “body, input, textarea{“:

      background: url(‘images/myimage.png’) repeat top left;


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