Sheroni Girls – The tournament of Power – New Version 0.12a [Draga]

Sheroni Girls – The tournament of Power – New Version 0.12a [Draga] Free Download

About Sheroni Girls – The tournament of Power – New Version 0.12a [Draga]

Info: In Sheroni Girls you get to play Lucy, a 18 years old human-hybrid, who is just about to finish her training. She has it especially hard because she is half human and can’t transform like all the other Sheroni girls but this doesn’t stop her to work as hard or even harder as everyone else to become a worthwile protector. On the other hand she is still a virgin and a prude and others might take advantage of her.
Who are the Sheronis?
Sheronis originally were inhabitants of the planet Sheron with a population count of 12,8 billion. In terms of physically strength they are as strong as humans, at least in their base form. In terms of appearance they can’t be distinguished from humans. Female Sheronis have a way to increase their strength and speed through a transformation. Male Sheronis however lack this transformation but they make it up with an above average intelligence.
However, after a 3 years long planetary war against the Everáks, their population count went drastically down and their planet got uninhabitable. The few that survived fled to planet earth.
That was 40 years ago and they are now living peacefully on earth. But they know that the Everáks are still out there and that it’s only a matter of time until their power craving race finds out about earth. Since they don’t want that their history repeats itself they formed something called the Protectors.
There won’t be a level up system. But there will be several martial art schools who can teach you new skills and a fully flashed out crafting and upgrade system for weapon and armor.
Fighting won’t be tedious anymore. Every enemy will have his own tactics and weaknesses and if you can’t beat someone you might just lack a certain skill to beat him. Most of the fights should be pretty fast done and shouldn’t require you to spam the same attack over and over again.
You can now sneak and jump, which should lead to some interesting missions and puzzles.
No more game overs after losing a fight. If you lose a fight you have to deal with the consequences, what consequences these are depends on the person you lost to.
A lot of interesting sidequests and jobs. Every job will have his own little story with a few choices, random events and ways to get promoted.
You can now get pregnant. If you aren’t careful and don’t use contraception you might end up pregnant. This won’t lead to a game over and you can keep on playing but it will make things certainly more complicated.


Date: 22.06.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.12a
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


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New Content:
-You can now challenge the chakra dojo master
-Added three token quests at the chakra dojo
-Added one new H-scene (can be triggered by doing a token quest)
-Added one new H-scene with Lucy and Pinu (Idamville)
-Added three new small maps
-Added an Easy Mode on Lucy’s PC (cheats for corruption and overpowered equipment)
Updated Content:
-Treasure Map is useable again (it somehow got disabled).
-Made some tweaks to Kira’s bet loss scene to better reflect the toy used in the renders.
-Some events now give you more corruption points (to slightly reduce the corruption grind
-Other minor changes, battle balancing changes and fixes

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