Tragedy of Medusa – New Final Version 1.01 (Full Game) [deepglugs] Free Download

About Tragedy of Medusa – New Final Version 1.01 (Full Game) [deepglugs]

Info: Three sisters who are goddesses decide to leave their island to visit Athens in the middle of a war waged by gods, demons and succubi. Survival ultimately becomes their goal as a faction of the gods known as the Olympians seek to destroy them.​


Date: 10.03.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.01
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: Animation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Seduction, Tags: Ren’py, Visual Novel, Voyeur


– Completed Story
– Dialog fixes throughout
Complete game now has:
– 800+ images
– ~43 animations
– 1hr+ of playtime
Thanks everyone here for your kind words and encouragement. Thanks also for giving this strange adult visual novel a try. It’s a weird combination of sexy and sad. Couple that with the female-protagonist genre and almost everyone is chased away :LOL:. Hope to see you all in the final part of the trilogy: Athena’s Revenge.

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