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About A Photographer’s Lies – New Version 1.96.0 [skullcam37]

You are an aspiring photographer looking to make it big and hopefully branch out into the adult business.
You have recently liquidated all your belongings and spent the money on new camera equipment, lighting and a studio to take your photos. You are currently living in your studio but as this is a passion for you it is like a dream come true.
You are a friendly likeable guy who has always got on well with women. You have a naughty side but tend to treat women with respect.
In this world the concept of lying is known but it is impossible to do as the human mind and body is unable to. What you have not realised yet is that whilst you may not own very much right now, what you have gained is far more valuable… the ability to lie.​


Date: 12.06.2023
Language: English
Version: 1.96.0
Censored: No

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v1.96.0 – Added new girl Kylie
– Added first Chapter 10 objective
– Spelling and Grammar fixes

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