Long Story Short – Unofficial Ren’Py Port – New Version 0.8.3a Build 27 [GetOutOfMyLab]

Long Story Short – Unofficial Ren’Py Port – New Version 0.8.3a Build 27 [GetOutOfMyLab] Free Download

About Long Story Short – Unofficial Ren’Py Port – New Version 0.8.3a Build 27 [GetOutOfMyLab]

Info: This is a Ren’Py remake of Long Story Short.
You will be playing as a guy, who’s never really clicked with girls too much. You’d much rather spend your time on the computer than dealing with real-life relationships.
However, It’ll all quickly start to change shortly after diving into the story. Your best friend, Joe, has made a significant change in his life, and he is there to pull you out of your comfort zone into a new lifestyle.
Vanessa, Joe’s girlfriend, and Ann, her shy friend, are just two of the girls you’ll encounter early on in the story. Are you going to build a relationship with sweet, shy, Ann? Maybe you’d corrupt her instead? Heck, why not try to steal Vanessa away from Joe?


Date: 07.05.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.8.3a Build 27
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Note from Developer:
The Ren’Py port will have the version number that matches the content available for that version from the official game. The build number indicates any changes I make to the Ren’Py port, whether it’s new content, bug fixes, or improvements that are not relevant to the official game.


Tags: All sex, Animation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmailing, Blowjob, Cheating, Corruption, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, GetOutOfMyLab, Hardcore Sex, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Ren’py, Seduction, Threesome, Visual Novel, Voyeur


Version 0.8.3a build 27 – 2023-05-07
This is an alpha build! Returning players should keep their old saves. New players should make saves when prompted at the beginning of 0.8.3 content.
Added: v0.8.3 story content
* Emily morning kitchen
* Ann morning call
* Vanessa morning conversation
* Ann date (Ann Love corruption and no corruption)
* Emily and Ann movie night
* Vanessa naughty SMS (disagreed with her that she’s perfect)
* Joe and MC morning chat (Joe friend)
* Emily ex arrives (NTR, only if invited)
* Alex house
* Vanessa and MC at park
* MC chat with Mysterious Girl about Ann & Alex conversation
* MC and Vanessa meet grandpa and his granddaughter at the coffee shop (Vanessa path)
* MC and Vanesssa take Angela and her BF to the beach (Vanessa path, find dirt on customer)
* Second date with Jenny
* MC/Joe/Vanessa threesome
* Emily night masturbation
* V8 Vanessa/MC night
* Emily and Ex sex (NTR, only if invited)
* Ann webcam at dorm
Added: New Jenny SMS image from day 7 (v0.6)
Added: Image gallery
Added: 8 new replay scenes
Added: Built-in gallery unlocker
Changed: Renamed “Gallery” to “Scenes”
Changed: Added filters for Scenes
Changed: Some minor UI updates
Changed: Refactored some Insta code to make my life a little easier
Fixed: Bug where Vanessa fucking Mario scene doesn’t show when you agree with her that she is perfect the way she is
Fixed: Certain replays not ending on their own
Fixed: Bug were Ann’s clothes would change to Pure Love route clothes in one scene at Alex’s house
Fixed: Bug where MC’s clothes re-appear during the underpass scene
Fixed: Bug where any choice decreasing relationship points would set it to -1.
Fixed: Various minor bugs

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