Rabbit Burn – Version 1.08 [Bio Sapiens]

Rabbit Burn – Version 1.08 [Bio Sapiens] Free Download

About Rabbit Burn – Version 1.08 [Bio Sapiens]

As a result of desperately inducing the dark evolution of a cue sports game
that reminds us pre-installed games in old PCs thanks to the modern technology,
I saw the birth of a chaotic game where a half-naked rabbit man and
a bunny girl run around exploding flames and have sex orgies.
* Synopsis
Receiving a strange email, you are abducted by a rabbit-masked man.
He brings you to a casino named “Rabbit House”.
There a game like a sex orgy party takes place.
When you conquer all the stages, you will be welcomed as a new owner of the casino.
* Main System
Thinking that it is a classic cue sports game, but a sex orgy suddenly begins…
When you shoot a ball your character takes action automatically.
Let’s get guys out of the way and lead your character to r*pe all bunny girls.
* Collection Mode
In this mode, you can call any character you like to see H scenes thoroughly.
* Option
In addition to changing the difficulty level by status adjustment, you can choose the language between Japanese and English.
* Please note that the English translation is machine-generated.
Therefore, we do not guarantee that the translation is perfect.
Thank you for understanding.
* Voices:
Tiger Lily
– Ryou Suzuki
– Maria Ayana
– Momoka Yuzuki


Date: 26.12.2018
Language: English/Japanese
Version: 1.08
Censored: No

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.

For the english language, just go (after launching the game) into the “Options” menu and you’ll find it rather quickly. Just change jap to eng and voilà!


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