An Alchemist’s Tale – New Version 2.5 [Captain Allegretto Games]

An Alchemist’s Tale – New Version 2.5 [Captain Allegretto Games] Free Download

About An Alchemist’s Tale – New Version 2.5 [Captain Allegretto Games]

Info: An Alchemist’s Tale is a lighthearted adult visual novel where the player takes the role of a village alchemist and general problem solver. Play as Allen Williams as he stumbles his way through the stories of various characters, helping them with their problems as much as he can and usually fucking them twice as much. Allen does his best to not burn down the house, walk in the giant footprints of his heroes, and discover his own place in a diverse world.​


Date: 20.07.2023
Language: English
Version: 2.5
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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V2.5 “Unnamed update”:
Llus scene (Previous content poll winner)
Llus sprite, textbox, home map, cut-scene, and silhouette all adjusted to match.
Zeleshi Chieftess route “offscreen” Tent Silhouette NTR scenes – 2 for now one sexy one funny, more will be added occasionally. Both scenes are ignorable if you don’t prefer the content type.
Green Tattletale scene – Alt version of existing Green X Zeleshi scene triggered during Chieftess route when asking Green to stop accepting challenger. Base scene got slight updates as part of this. Might touch it up again later.
Drinking in bar alone Scene 1 – Triggerable after all Warren bar-slut scenes seen.
Chieftess Zeleshi story cut-scenes.
Fixed two softlocks that could occur during Green’s Main Quest or during Bar work.
Some background work for better sfx and animation things that will slowly get rolled back into some older scenes.
Almost total upgrading of item icons.

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