Become Taxi Driver – New Version 0.39 [Neptuno]

Become Taxi Driver – New Version 0.39 [Neptuno] Free Download

About Become Taxi Driver – New Version 0.39 [Neptuno]

Info: You are 26 years old and you never leave home, you don’t have friends or a girlfriend, but one day you receive a call from a neighbor who is planning to move, there you buy (or steal) an amulet that contains the soul of a beautiful woman, she is a veteran taxi driver who will teach you the profession from scratch, taking you out of your comfort zone
Your car has many features that you can improve. Are you worried about having an accident? Invest in brakes; Are you superstitious? Increase your level of luck; You like speed? Make your engine roar… No matter what your style is, your car will adapt, go out on the street and be the best taxi driver in town! (Or second best)​


Date: 29.07.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.39
Censored: No

1- Download zip and extract.
2- Open the html file to start playing.


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Version 0.39:
x2 Extra scenes (For Supports) Thanks

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