Candyman – New Version 1.01 [edenSin]

Candyman – New Version 1.01 [edenSin] Free Download

About Candyman – New Version 1.01 [edenSin]

Info: From dishwasher to millionaire… a dream that many have dreamed and failed. But you have it in your hand! You are young, dynamic and just finished high school. Together with your mom and your girlfriend Mia you have founded a company… in the garage. Now it’s all about you, building an business empire! But be warned… you’ll have to wash a lot of dishes to do so!​


Date: 05.01.2022
Language: English
Version: 1.01
Censored: No

1. Extract
2. Use Seetings.exe to change to “Window Mode”


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Hollywood > Studio 69 (326 Render) v0.8
Hollywood > Gym (20 Render) v0.8
Downtown > Casting agency (18 Render) v0.8
Airport > Brothel (20 Render) v0.7
Airport > Brothel (66 Render / 1 Anim) v0.6
Harbour > Penthouse (78 Render / 5 Anim) v0.7
Harbour > Penthouse (108 Render) v0.6
Some small bugfix
DevMode Mia complete (new button) v0.7
Extro added v0.8
Real estate prices adjusted v0.6
DevMode Mom till v0.50 (Mom story finished) v0.6
Office Lab > produce Cum Can & Rainbow (pics added) v0.6
You can sleep now at the Penthouse (restore 10 AP) v0.6
Club Info updated and a secret info at the toilet v0.6

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