Deluded – New Version 0.2 [SRT]

Deluded – New Version 0.2 [SRT] Free Download

About Deluded – New Version 0.2 [SRT]

Info: Alisa tries to solve the mysteries about her missing sister.
At one moment Alisa will lose everything and start living her life at the bottom of her social and financial position,
forgotten by everyone.
There’ll be multiple ways to bring her previous lifestyle back. But by the time she might not want to…​


Date: 08.04.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: All sex, Animation, Beautiful Ass, Blowjob, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Forced, Hardcore Sex, Horror, Humiliation, Seduction, Simulator, Small Tits, SRT, Tentacles, Unreal Engine, Voyeur


New content:
+ ~55 H-animations (18 scenes, 32 variations)
+ 2nd day of the Prologue (Friday)
+ Quests: On the Hook, Deluded + Moving difficulties quest continuation
+ Random events: Getting naked in the room, Closets in parent’s room, Basement
+ Interaction objects: safe, closets (parent’s room), mirror, washing machine, towel, sink, bath, toilet paper box, Stuart’s car
+ Interactable items (double-click in the inventory): marker, buttplug, makeup, lipstick, letter, razor, notes
+ 2 Clothing items
+ No Furries
New features:
– Attribute System
– Vagina deformation animation
– Switching between quests (Scroll wheel)
– Delayed gameplay mechanics (some events now can be triggered not immediately, but after a certain amount of time)
– Simple stealing mechanic
Bug fixes:
– Stuck in dialogue sequences (if click too fast)
– Crashes in dialogues
– Disappearing trees
– Grass clipping through floor and gazebo
– Repeatable attributes grind
– The reflection of a present in the mirror stayed after you clean it
– Flickering/abruptly changing lighting on the character
– The quest panel in the HUD (right) not updating correctly
– House’s door closing/opening in front of your face
– Automatic brightness adjustment
– Implemented a new physics engine – better body/hair physics
– Movement system overhaul (much more responsive)
– Female facial animation overhaul
– Cutscenes loading has been made multithreaded (no freezes on their load anymore)
– Memory optimization tools/profilers
– FOV is now lower when running (no fisheye)
Other changes:
– Lighting in Alisa’s room
– Stuart’s car color
– You can now prevent Stuart’s car from crashing if you don’t meet him from 6 till 8 AM

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