Family Ties – New Version 0.0.2 [Selina Games]

Family Ties – New Version 0.0.2 [Selina Games] Free Download

About Family Ties – New Version 0.0.2 [Selina Games]

Info: This is HTML based game is about a regular married woman living in a small town. Their life starts to change when an unexpected guest appears in their home, who will have to live with you for a while.
Where all this can lead? It completely depends on you.


Date: 28.07.2023
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.0.2
Censored: No


Tags: All sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Cheating, Corruption, Doggystyle, Erotic Adventure, Family Sex, Female Protagonist, Gifs, Hardcore Sex, HTML, Netorare, real porn, Sandbox, Seduction, Selina Games, Threesome, Voyeur


Version 0.0.2:
– Most of the images that could be altered have been converted to the .webp format to reduce the game’s size.
– Fixed a bug where in one of the events, the husband calls his wife by the standard name, and not by the player’s choice.
– Fixed a bug where corruption when masturbating in the living room continued to increase even if the corruption was already above 20.
– Fixed an issue where the husband’s stepbrother handjob event could occur even if you are currently having sex with your husband 😀
– Fixed display of a naked body in a home clothes section.
– Fixed display of a naked body in a mirror.
– Fixed display of pictures if the MC walks around the house naked.
– Now, if you have sex with your husband outside the bedroom or bathroom, the level of corruption can be raised to 40, instead of 20.
– Added 40 new pictures for topless selfies in Holagram, now there are 70 of them.
– Added 50 new pictures for naked selfies in ForFans, now there are 80 of them.
– If you have more than 100,000 Holagram followers, then 0.1% of your followers will be credited to your card daily.
– Added Holagram fame. At the moment, this fame only affects the chance of losing followers. The higher the fame, the lower the chance.
– Added chance of losing Holagram followers after sleeping.
– Added a dialogue with husband regarding the photos of the MC in social networks. The dialogue will become available after the MC posts a photo in underwear for the first time in Holagram.
– Added the ability to post nudity in the ForFans app after talking to husband.
– Now it will be possible to upload topless selfies in Holagram only after a dialogue with husband, so as not to violate the logic of the game.
– Added ForFans fame. At the moment, this fame only affects the chance of losing followers. The higher the fame, the lower the chance.
– Added earnings using ForFans. For each subscriber, your card will receive $0.15 daily. However, there is a possibility of losing followers after sleeping.
– Added the ability to ask the husband’s stepbrother to shower first if it’s a weekday morning.
– Added the ability to take a shower with husband without having sex with him.
– Added the ability to apply makeup immediately after taking a shower.
– Added the ability to apply makeup immediately after sex with husband in the shower.
– Added a small continuation of the event with spying on MC husband’s step-brother.
– Added the ability to jerk off to the husband’s step-brother through a dialogue with him, if during the events with peeping, MC joined him.
– Added the ability to take a shower with husband’s step-brother if MC jerked him off at least a couple of times and if it’s the morning of any day. You can just take a shower together or jerk him off while taking a shower, but time will move forward then.
– Now, when you sunbathe on the beach, you get a tan that affects your beauty. Once a week, two points are taken away.
– Added statistics section, which you can find on your phone. This section will be updated as new updates are released.
– The system of daily earnings on the percentage of the bank account, Holagram and ForFans has been cut down, so as not to become rich in 70 game days, as happened to me during the tests.
– Increased the price of cosmetics to balance earnings/spending.
– The fitness center is no longer free. You can buy a subscription for a day, a week, a month or a year. You can pay by cash or card.
– Changed clothes display in wardrobe.
– Now you can click on the clothes icon in the wardrobe and mirror to see a larger version of it. Click anywhere on the screen to close the image.
– A new type of clothing has been added: underwear and two types of it.
– A clothing shop has been added in the northern region. You can buy one new outfit there.
– Skirt event added. There is a 7% chance that a strong wind will blow your skirt up. MC’s reactions depend on the level of corruption. An event can occur once at one of the times of the day.
– Re-translated all of the Prologue and the Morning with Brother after the Prologue into English. Translation is unlikely to be perfect, but should be better than original.
– Added a short event at the University after you post a topless selfie on your Holagram page for the first time.
– The code was slightly optimized, unnecessary technical locations were removed, the system for displaying pictures and animations was slightly changed.
– Added the ability to drink beer or whiskey in the bar. Test system, no interactions at the moment.
– Now you will not be able to go to the fitness center if you are drunk.
– Now watching porn increases corruption once a day.
– Added cheat menu with access by Patreon code.
– Added the ability to hide cheat and changelog buttons.

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