Fate of Horingar – New Version 0.8.0 [XforU]

Fate of Horingar – New Version 0.8.0 [XforU] Free Download

About Fate of Horingar – New Version 0.8.0 [XforU]

Info: The Great War
After the Great War, the Kingdom of Stonehaven took control over the region of Silos. Since then, every kingdom that has been defeated must pay crippling reparations and the only way to stop them is to compete and win the Royal Tournament, which is held every four years.
Reiner, Prince of Horingar
Reiner was born two years before the Great War, which took his mother’s life.
Ever since then, his father (The King) has given him the cold shoulder.
From a young age, Reiner has been preparing himself for the Royal Tournament, hoping to gain his father’s approval and the freedom of his people through victory.​


Date: 30.12.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.8
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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One new scene.
One remastered scene (Poll winner – Farah) .
One new lewd pic.
One character remaster (Elisande) .
One animation remaster (Warden) .
Winterglen event (basically Christmas) .
Story progression.
Some minor bug fixes
New tiles (teaser for the 1. 0 remaster and mobile version).
Minor performance improvement.
Christmas music.
Size reduced to 1.7gb

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