General Practitioner 2 – New Version 0.0.10 [Bruni Multimedia]

General Practitioner 2 – New Version 0.0.10 [Bruni Multimedia] Free Download

About General Practitioner 2 – New Version 0.0.10 [Bruni Multimedia]

Live the life of TWO doctors in this brand-new medical simulated Visual Novel.
Andrew and Julie are siblings and MDs and they recently inherited a once-renowned medical clinic from their aunt.
Join them in rebuilding the clinic, hiring staff and living their lives.​


Date: 12.07.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.0.10
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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Dear fellow doctors,
I hope this message finds you well. It’s been quite a while since our last communication, and for that, I sincerely apologize.
The silence wasn’t due to a lack of effort or intention
but was the result of significant changes happening behind the scenes. Since our last update in October, the ownership of the game has transitioned, bringing with it fresh perspectives and exciting new ideas. With this,
we’ve taken time to rethink, rework, and revise
our beloved game General Practitioner 2 from the ground up.
One significant change that I’m thrilled to share with you is the
restructuring of our gameplay schema
No longer will you need to click on rooms or grind content to progress the story.
Now, the game progresses in “chapters,” which offers the chance to delve deeper into the lives and experiences of our characters.
You’ll have the freedom to choose which character to play first
—Andrew or his sister Julie—and then, should you wish, you could restart the game to explore the content and storyline of the character you didn’t pick initially. This ensures that all game content is playable and fully accessible, regardless of your initial choice of path or actions.
Furthermore, the game will allow you to develop relationships not only between Andrew and Julie but also with the three nurses working at the clinic. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for new characters arriving soon. And that’s not all—we’re also excited to share that new chapters and stories are already in the pipeline, designed to keep you entertained and intrigued!
We’ve also made medical exams a part of the story.
As a player, you’ll need to tackle these one after the other, paving the way for progress in relationships and helping to increase the awareness of our two young doctors.
We are genuinely grateful for your continued support throughout these changes.
We recognize that our hiatus from updates has been longer than we all would have liked
, but we assure you it was for the good of the game. We believe these changes will enrich your experience of General Practitioner 2, making it more engaging and rewarding.
Lastly, and probably the most eagerly awaited news, I am thrilled to announce that the next update will be released right away! We are as excited as you are to dive back into the game, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the improvements.
So, get ready to embark on new adventures, encounter new faces, and unravel new stories. Thank you again for your patience, your support, and your enthusiasm—it means the world to us. Let’s gear up for a remarkable journey ahead in the world of General Practitioner 2!

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