Good Girl Giselle – New Version 0.05 [alliterativeactivities]

Good Girl Giselle – New Version 0.05 [alliterativeactivities] Free Download

About Good Girl Giselle – New Version 0.05 [alliterativeactivities]

Info: You’re Giselle Greene!
You left your childhood home to move out on your own, but a lot of things are happening to you lately!
Manage your life, manage your business, manage your friends and lovers, manage your spirituality in this game!


Date: 05.08.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.05
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: alliterativeactivities, Beautiful Ass, Big Tits, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Female Protagonist, Ren’py, Seduction, Simulator, Voyeur


third public beta release version With major changes
Continued story with Ch3
Added Scene Gallery to Game which tells you how to unlock scene!
Added Liar’s dice mini game (It explains how to play in-game)
Updated interfaces (Making them more colourful and distinct, adding and removing details where necessary.)
Added 20 new animated scenes to different parts of the game
Added “Clinic Job” for Ch3 +
Added Social Media Overlords quests for Ch3
Finished Learn Street Smarts quest for Ch2 +
Further simplified general game stats
Added additional hidden game stats for additional quests
Re-rendered some poorly rendered scenes such as Giselle cleaning, showering
Change details of Giselle’s apartment, which entailed re-rendering many of the version 0.04 pictures containing her room.
Changed Salon Stories to Ch3 +, with one story per chapter activated by visiting the Salon.
Added dozens of new pics to the game
Altered title screen picture

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