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About Kings Fall – New Version [Bastard Games]

Info: In King’s Fall, you are the Chosen One, called by an unknown figure to journey through a world and kill a King who has been chosen to meet his end.
Along the way, you meet hundreds of normal, zany, sexy, and plain ol’ bat-shit insane individuals as they help you (sometimes in more ways than one) in your travels.
You will pick up loot and job classes and evolve your abilities until you are the force of destruction you were chosen to be.
Kings Fall will be a game where every single NPC will have importance in the world, along with their own quests and art.
Be the Force, be the Chosen One!​


Date: 02.02.2024
Language: English
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: 2DCG, All sex, Animation, Bastard Games, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Corruption, Doggystyle, Fantasy, Hardcore Sex, Harem, Male Protagonist, Monster Girls, Seduction, Sexy Girls, Simulator, Threesome, Voyeur


Rain, Orihime & Nelliel, and Malady The Witch Update
If you cannot start the Mysterious House Corruption Storyline, a new Override was added to Ms Recollection in the Recollection Room.
New Content: Quests, Towns, Monsters, Bosses, etc.
-Continued Orihime’s Storyline
-Continued Rain’s Lovers and Bad Crowd Storyline
-Added new Corruption only Storyline for Malady The Witch
-Added new Blacksmith Questline to upgrade them
-Continued Lania The Witch’s Storyline
-Added Orgy Storyline that begins with AnnaxLilyxSophia (Lovers Only)
-Added 3+ hours of content
New Content: NPC’s, Character Quests, Sex Scenes.
-Added 42+ Quests to Rain’s Storylines (Split between Lovers and Bad Crowd)
-Added 6 Sex Scenes for Rain (2 in Lovers, 4 in Bad Crowd)
-Added 1 new NPC, Malady The Witch (Corruption Only)
-Added 1 new SD for Malady
-Added 30+ Quests for Malady’s Corruption Only Questline
-Added 3 sex scenes for Malady
-Added 26+ Quests to Orihime and Nelliel’s Storyline (Split between before and after the Lovers or Corruption Choice.)
-Added 3 Sex Scenes for Orihime & Nel
-Added Lovers & Corruption Choice for Orihime and Nelliel
-Added 17 sex scenes to Recollection Room
-Continued Lania’s Storyline and added a War Readiness Oppurtunity
-Continued The Blacksmith Storyline and added a War Readiness Oppurtunity
-Remastered 4 characters SD art. Asuna, Leonore, Jane, and Athena’s 1st SD so entire game is now on the newer model
-Added Anna and Lily Questline that hooks into the Lesbian Routes if on Corruption for both
-Added 1 Corruption Sex Scene between AnnaxLily
-Added 6 Quests to the Spa Trip Storyline to those on Lily, Anna, and Sophia’s Lovers Route. Ends in a orgy
-Added 5 quests to the Hueco Mundo Card Storyline
-Added Bonus Quest for Blacksmith Card Storyline
-Continued The Academy Card Storyline with 5 Quests
New Content: Gameplay
-Added 3 new items to be crafted through The Blacksmiths
QOL fixes:
-Made adjustments to Hard Mode and how traveling is done in many sections
-Added an Override for The Mysterious House Storyline
-Edited some Quest Trackers with information in case the player got lost
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed wrong SD’s in certain quests
-Fixed error where Battle Dice wouldn’t turn off
-Fixed a few wrong quest variables for Orchid

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