Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX – Final Version [Lesson of Passion]

Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX – Final Version [Lesson of Passion] Free Download

About Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX – Final Version [Lesson of Passion]

Info: Many people remember the story of Justin and Tracy: A newly married couple who hired a beautiful and sexy foreign nanny to take care of their four-month-old baby when Tracy returned to work. Players took on the role of Justin at a critical moment in his life, when difficulties between him and Tracy threatened to end his marriage, and a lack of sex had him looking at other women. The situation gets more complicated as the gorgeous young nanny, Lisa, turns out to be a temptress, with friends that encourage her to catch Justin’s eye. The game required Justin to navigate a complicated situation, torn between his love for his wife and his lust for the other woman, who was living with them under one roof for the whole summer.
Now, many years after the release of the original game, we want to come back to that story and present it again with more depth. To tell the story more thoroughly, to allow the player to learn more about the characters, and to give more opportunities for arousing adventures. In addition to adding to the story, we’ve upgraded all the visuals as well. All images were re-rendered in FULL HD and animations now include a breathtaking 40 frames. Even the locations have been upgraded and new locations have been added.

Be the perfect husband
Help Tracy with the household chores, take care of your baby, earn money and spoil her with your kindness.
Rediscover the pleasure of sex and have kinky experiences with her.
Fall in love with the nanny
Spend time together, offer her fancy gifts, take advantage of every intimate situation and steal her heart.
Meet her hot friend and flirt with them both. Yield to temptation.
Play with their desire for you
The more attractive you are, the better your chances for getting into their panties.
So work on Justin’s statistics, like in a RPG game, to become the hottest guy in town.​


Date: 07.10.2021
Language: English
Version: Final
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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