Matrix Hearts – New Version 0.3.4 [Blue Otter Games]

Matrix Hearts – New Version 0.3.4 [Blue Otter Games] Free Download

About Matrix Hearts – New Version 0.3.4 [Blue Otter Games]

Info: He was supposed to be somebody. He was going to be a contender! Then he took a rock climbing wall to the knee. A would-be Olympic climber sustains an injury to his leg that keeps him from competing and a shot at the big leagues, with the only possible fix being a prototype technology that is sci-fi at best. Between his new introverted mood, a town of colorful characters, and the fruits of temptation, getting this tech to work may require all he’s got. There’s a big cliff to climb for him to be a champion again!​


Date: 14.07.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.3.4
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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Chapter 3 Part 2 (v3.4)
+1700+ new renders
+All animations in game
+The complete second arc of Chapter 3
+Otter Hunt for Chapter 3
+1-3 hours of gameplay depending on read speed, attention to renders, and replays
This is not the Steam version. It doesn’t include the full version of the game, with features like achievements, the Point and Click Spheres (aside from one to introduce a character), the new phone feature, polished new animations, and more.

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