Ouroboros Syndrome – Version 0.2 [Yeehaw Games]

Ouroboros Syndrome – Version 0.2 [Yeehaw Games] Free Download

About Ouroboros Syndrome – Version 0.2 [Yeehaw Games]

Kira is among the chosen few who enjoy life inside the Core part of the N city. Yet at one fateful day, her whole life turns upside down and she finds herself on the street with an offer from a gang which she can’t refuse. Will she cope with the situation and get her revenge?
Become part of N city’s criminal underground, take part in power struggles and intrigues to become stronger. Gain allies to build a trusted team and overcome all obstacles to get your sweet payback.
Ouro’s story unfolds in a cyberpunk setting inspired by classic stories and newcomers alike. The game features fully animated H scenes along with crafting and gear customizing so you could make a build fitting your playstyle. Will you become a merciless gunslinger or ghost-like hacker? It’s up to you!​


Date: 17.02.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.2
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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Version 0.2:
H content

This time you can get the new H scene through a secondary quest. Ask Eye in the hotel about work and follow his tips.

Adjusted several old scenes with better visuals and effects.

Small fixes and improvements

Changed how the hacking multitool works the first time you try to interact with it after the purchase. Now, it will immediately transfer you to the puzzle zone if you talked with Onyx about work and received a datastick from him.

Fixed several Kira’s ”walker” sprites. They had problems with the final hairstyle: jitter and highlight displacement during walking animation.

Fixed a potential problem for some devices – first animation during any H scene could play with a delay and end up with jitter in the next transition to another loop. With the new logic, there’s no delay on all supported devices.

Adjusted Kira’s Risky breeze sprite – it had some extra head color under the hair and it looked weird during her ”faded-out” state in dialogues. Mars attacks.

Fixed Freak in the office. Now, he correctly faces the table after finishing a dialogue with him.

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