Rayne Falls – Version 0.72a [Disgracelands]

Rayne Falls – Version 0.72a [Disgracelands] Free Download

About Rayne Falls – Version 0.72a [Disgracelands]

It was a cold winters night. Snow fell silently on the neon streets of this nameless city. A bitter wind thrust itself noisely upon every twisted and wretched alley, biting hungrily at whomever was unlucky enough to be caught in it’s ever tightening grasp. No mercy for the weak. No pity for the hopeless and downtrodden.
Rayne Falls is a grind-free CYOA with a branching story and a heavy focus on narrative.
The game is played, or rather narrated, almost entirely from a first person perspective.
The protagonist, Rayne Spence is a foul-mouthed young woman with a past shrouded in mystery.
Join her as she ponders life, insults the player and deals with various transformations, mind control, possessions and more!
Does contain puzzle elements and riddles of varying difficulty, you have been warned.


Date: 01.08.2020
Language: English
Version: 0.72a
Censored: No

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Added a clue to help with the train login
Added easier Janitor progression

New story progression for the Underground route
New ending added

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