Sinful Valley – New Version 0.9 [SocieTeam]

Sinful Valley – New Version 0.9 [SocieTeam] Free Download

About Sinful Valley – New Version 0.9 [SocieTeam]

Sinful Valley is a game about a female protagonist’s and her household´s economical struggle while trying to keep normalcy during changing times. Will she be able to keep her peaceful life as it was? Will she change with the city? Will she eventually throw her past away and find a new, exciting life? That will be up to you!
NOTE: This is a prototype, a lot of assets are still placeholders and all the graphics of the UI will be changed in the future, this is just to start debugging, getting feedback, ideas and more, it has some sex scenes but is very limited as for now.


Date: 28.10.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.9
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.



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New story content with Darius! Finish his short story arc, which will lead to some fun stuff in the future.
New customer is available at the restaurant. It will consume your whole day, but you always get the appropriate amount of money as if you worked three shifts.
Adding a new journal: Accessible from the map, you can check your stats and get a few hints about what to do if you get stuck.
Skip chapter 1: You can now do just that. We’ll give you the appropriate amount of points and some extra money too.
Navigation! Now there are more than a few buttons that open menus. Two locations (house and university) have multiple rooms, and we kept the workplaces as they were in the past to let you work with fewer clicks.
Characters schedule: Now, you’ll have to look around the city to find and talk with the different characters in SV. We added the schedule in the images above, so it’s easier to find, and we’ll consider making them appear more often if this is too annoying or limiting.
Five new map locations (Gym, university, library, an ordinary cafe, and downtown).
Increased the day time to 4 (Morning, noon. evening, and night)
Added weekdays. For now, they don’t affect you much, but we’ll adjust already existing actions (like working) and add special events depending on the day and time.
Rebalanced how much money you get a day (it might still be too much).
Now, each Sunday, you’ll have to pay rent ($300).
Disabled rummage from the socialisation menu. It’ll be added in the future differently.

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