Snake Thompson – Final Version – Part 4 [HoneyGames]

Snake Thompson – Final Version – Part 4 [HoneyGames] Free Download

About Snake Thompson – Final Version – Part 4 [HoneyGames]

My name is Snake, Snake Thompson… Okay… Snake isn’t my real name but that’s what they call me.
I’m back in my hometown. I left this cursed place 15 years ago and swore I’d never be back but… you know, things don’t always go according to plan.
I spent the last 6 years locked up, but that’s a story for another time since it’s got nothing to do with why I’m back.
Last month someone killed my brother, here, in New Coral City. I know what you’re thinking, but he was nothing like me…
He was a respected Chemistry Professor at New Coral City University. A good man, married to a good woman.
The cops still don’t know who killed him. They say it was a robbery gone wrong. They say it’s a bad part of town.
But that’s bullshit. If the police won’t investigate, I will.
So here I am, a free man, ready to take matters into my own hands.

As you’ll see at the begin of the game you don’t have so much option, you’ll unlock all the new location and girls by events. This Demo will go until Level 5 (when you reach Level 5 the demo will stop) the Levels it’s only about you investigation so you can reach level 5 but no sex scenes. All the girls have a storyline will Events and some storylines are crossed so sometimes when you reach a new event in a storyline you unlock other events for other storyline.*
In this Demo you’ll have a work you can do from the begin of the game but you can reach also another Work option soon. And there is also some other way to earn money. You will need money to pay your Motel’s room rent and to buy stuff, offer drinks, eat.*
You have to take care of your look and train your fightiing skillz. Everyday your Look and Fight stats will decrease a little so you have to continue to take care of yourself. Also youw Wanted stats will decrease… yes , you’ll be wanted from police, anytime you do something illegal you wamted stats will grow… If you reach 100 the police will come to arrest you. The wanted stat will decrease automatically everyday.
Some events need to be completed succesfully, if you don’t complete the event will happen again, others events will happen just one time and the way you complete it will give you more or less point in different stats/ storyline/ relation.
In the game there is 11 girls, in this version you’ll talk only with half of them, you’ll see the other in the location but you’ll not be able to talk or interact with them until you unlock them.*


Date: 12.07.2018
Language: English
Version: Parts 1-4
Censored: No

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Snake Thompson.exe” to start playing.


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