Supervillainy – New Version 0.4.1 [Pupsi]

Supervillainy – New Version 0.4.1 [Pupsi] Free Download

About Supervillainy – New Version 0.4.1 [Pupsi]

Info: You will take on the role of a villain in a city full of Superheroines. You will have to face many challenges and overcome your fears in order to defeat your enemies and destroy the corrupt system which is controlled by the Justice League. Will your wits and your intelligence be enough to take on people born with real superpowers?


Date: 12.08.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.4.1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: Bdsm, Beautiful Ass, Blackmailing, Blowjob, Corruption, Domination, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Forced, Humiliation, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Pupsi, Ren’py, Sexual Training, Sexy Girls, Simulator, Slave, Small Tits, Superheroines, Violation, Voyeur


issue with the saving and loading system fixed
rollback fix
expanded the coffeeshop questline
questline with new fighting mechanics
night visit scene
introductions of new characters
fixed cara model with all her previous renders
added new environments
improved old environments
improved the GUI and the navigation system

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