Tales of Kavaria – Version 1.2 [Kleper666]

Tales of Kavaria – Version 1.2 [Kleper666] Free Download

About Tales of Kavaria – Version 1.2 [Kleper666]

Follow the adventures of a “innocent” princess who want to prove to herself and everyone else that she can be strong and worthy of her birthright, now she has the perfect opportunity for that, which personality of hers will triumph, is unknown to be revealed…​


Date: 17.07.2019
Language: English
Version: 1.2
Censored: Yes

1. Extract and run.

This walkthrough doesn’t cover all the content, just a little help to progress through
the game and the recommended quest order to deal with enemies easier or whatever O.o…

-First of all, as I recommend with every rpg, explore everything, you’ll miss stuff
if you’re going straight to the main quest…
*tip* you don’t need to save money, especially if you collect all cards…
*huge tip* You’ll be able to get all scenes in the recollection room but if
you miss something it will remain locked even if you beat the game!
-Once you finish the tutorial go to Gwydyr Forest.
-Once the quest is done, go to Vuth and complete the quest there to unlock Sandvoll.
-There’s a hidden side quest here, after helping the man in need, more strangers will
appear in certain places, the girl will be rewarded if she… Gotta Suck ‘Em All!
-Go to the portal in Kadus, teleport to Astonn, then ruins.
-After events, to the palace in Khelum…
-Go to the forest and defeat boss.
-Go to Sandvoll then pub, Military Outpost after that and follow events.
-Next step, teleport to Vraillagon and go to the Castle!
-Leave the city and go to the orc camp(sidequest may open a scene later…).
-Once events are done, teleport to Koathien and visit the academy.
-Go to the stable.
-Go to the swamp, kill boss, talk with the woman again and return to the academy.
-Go to the inn(Prepare yourself before this, you can’t go back for a while…).
-Do whatever you want here and use the bed once you are done.
-After dungeon(I was a bit mean with this one :P), go to the academy.
-Thedrisean unlocked, then military camp, be sure to do everything you want
and prepare yourself before speak with the commander again after the first
scene, there’s no way back…(Tip for boss, kill minions first or you’ll
be fucked and not in the good way!)I hope you’re having fun and good luck!


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-Koathien teleport fixed

-blue bandit fixed.
-minor fixes.
-dragon in the main menu utterly destroyed for being such an ugly bastard.

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