Tentacular – New Version Release 4 [Jackerman]

Tentacular – New Version Release 4 [Jackerman] Free Download

About Tentacular – New Version Release 4 [Jackerman]

In this game you play as Guukruux, an octopus like alien creature that relies on females of other species to reproduce and pleasure himself. One day while traveling through space to find new mates, your spacecraft malfunctions and you are luckily saved by Rebecca, a genetically altered perfect human woman and only crew-member (for now) of the Utopia. In this short game you spend your time attempting to get as far with Rebecca as you can before the trip back to earth is complete! In order to speed up this process you must sell your slime on the extra-net so you can afford pheromones to intoxicate Rebecca enough to do what you want (temporary solution, change pher in the script file to 8 to override).​


Date: 22.09.2020
Language: English
Version: Release 4
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

R4 Timeblocks
E/E X Hors”’ >> Morning in hangar
K10XEve >> Afternoon in pool
E/E X Gor”’ >> Evening in gym
E X E Bedroom >> Night through door to the right in the hub

R3 Walkthrough
Eve’s code is 6969, go to enigmas room after eve intro scene, learn about any creature and answer questions to get a credit, use the credit in the lab on the computer to the right to buy an access code, go get the physical key from storage, go click on door to view that scene. After you’ve seen all 4 for R4, go to the lab and click on the synthesizer to make nanoslime, then click on the back arrow in the service hub to finish the update and get the final scene.

Note: For some antivirus program like Kaspersky Lab (My antivirus) there can be problem with false-positive warning.


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Release 4
-story finale
-27 new unique looping animations with custom sound from 3 voice actresses
-400+ new rendered still shots in game scenes
-scene replayer at the end of the game
-6 ending (technically 12 based on certain variations)
-various bug fixes and grammar fixes

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