The Wish – New Version 0.23 [The Sex Game’s Stories]

The Wish – New Version 0.23 [The Sex Game’s Stories] Free Download

About The Wish – New Version 0.23 [The Sex Game’s Stories]

Info: On an island, a man makes a wish near a magic crystal (What could go wrong). (y)
The game is totally scalable, just increase the character’s skill points to get bonuses. Each skill gives a different bonus (end of battle reward multiplier, extra stats, crafting bonus,Fewer “droplets of magic” for manufacturing).


Date: 18.05.2024
Language: English, French
Version: 0.23
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


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Version 0.23:
Added quests for Ava (94 videos). Quest Completed.
Added 2nd Alison spying in her room with +50 corruption (4videos).
Added Elsa spying in the kitchen in the evening during the weekend with +50 corruption (5videos).
Added Piper spying during the weekend at 1pm with +50 corruption (5videos).
Possibility to go on date with Ava.
Changed the “foresight skill” bonuses (2x from 25, 3x 75, and 4x 200).
Modification of the farm well so that the time decreases and increases the quantity as the “strength skill” increases.
Added information with the “Soul Stone” in walkthroughs for Alex, Alison, Amarna, Arietta, Ashley, Ava, Chanel, Cherie, Dakota, Daniels, Dani, Ella, Elsa, Jasmine, Jayden, and Kendra.
Changed the points for certain actions with the NPCs mentioned above.
The probability that Dani will come and talk to you during training alone at the gym is decreased but increases with friendship points (if + 150, you have the choice to bring her in).
Some bugs fix.

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