Under Control – New Version 0.1.15A [Slusiom]

Under Control – New Version 0.1.15A [Slusiom] Free Download

About Under Control – New Version 0.1.15A [Slusiom]

Info: Under Control is a visual novel that is in a very early stage of development, you will start controlling the life of a young man who wants to break with everything and start a new life.
You can explore and manage your time as you wish, as well as improve your skills that can help you make decisions that will change the course of the story. But not everything is what it seems. You will discover a dark secret that will change everything.​


Date: 21.07.2022
Language: English, French, Spanish
Version: 0.1.15A
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.


Tags: All sex, Beautiful Ass, Big Tits, Blowjob, Erotic Adventure, Hardcore Sex, Male Protagonist, Milf, Seduction, Sexy Girls, Simulator, Slusiom, Unity-3D, Voyeur


Jazzmin Event: I’ve included a new presentation event for Jazzmin.
Dianne Event: I’ve completed the event with Dianne in Veronica’s apartment that requires strength.
Veronica at night: New event when you visit Veronica while she sleeps.
Time Functionality: Now you can wait until the desired time from home, by playing the console in the living room.
Masturbation mechanic: I introduce a new mechanic that allows you to masturbate with a character in the jacuzzi once you meet him, using Mark’s imagination.
Save Spaces: I’ve added up to 24 new spaces to save and load games.
Event Notifications: I’ve implemented new notifications for available events, including night events.
Limits Mechanic: I’ve added a functionality where Mark automatically falls asleep if his tiredness warnings are ignored. Note: This function has been cancelled as it considerably limited gameplay.
Travel Time: Now, the travel time for movements is displayed in minutes.
Autosave: I’ve implemented an autosave system that will run each time you complete an event and at certain checkpoints.
Dialogue Interface: I’ve redesigned the dialogue system interface to improve readability on mobile devices.
Conversations System: I’ve created a new conversation system (in testing) with the aim of providing a greater sense of life and immersion in dialogues.
Katta Event: I fixed an error that prevented the Karma system progress with the Katta character from being saved.
Character Loading: I fixed a loading error with the progress of the Lily, Katta, Dianne, and Jazzmin characters.
Travel Error: I fixed an error that blocked the ability to travel before finishing the Jazzmin event, leaving you trapped in the coffee shop street.
Conversations System: I fixed an error that prevented up to half of the images from being seen when a problem occurred.
Loading Notifications: I fixed an error in the notifications displayed during map loading.
QCars Time and Distance: I fixed an error in the time and distance of QCars.
Game Start: I fixed errors when starting a new game that kept erroneous values in the job (Pinger) and incorrect data on vehicles from other games.
Vehicle Information Panel: I corrected an error that allowed selling and viewing information even without having a vehicle purchased.
Jazzmin Event: I fixed an error that showed the Jazzmin presentation event as available when it was not yet completed.
Performance and Loading: I’ve made improvements in performance and loading times.
Interface Design: I’ve made corrections and improvements in the interface design.
Vehicle Prices: I’ve reduced vehicle prices by 30%.
Time: Changes in the time management system. In testing
Texts and Interface: I’ve made minor corrections in the texts and the interface.
Acknowledgements: I’ve updated the acknowledgements.

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