Watching My Wife – New Version 0.6.1 [Illegible Mink]

Watching My Wife – New Version 0.6.1 [Illegible Mink] Free Download

About Watching My Wife – New Version 0.6.1 [Illegible Mink]

Info: The story centres around you; a happily married man with a loving wife. The game follows your journey towards a new romantic awakening in which you broaden your love life to sample wife sharing. How far you go down this rabbit hole, and which direction you follow is up to you. What is certain is that there is no going back for the pair of you as you taste the forbidden fruit of wife sharing, hotwifing and cuckolding.


Date: 08.04.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.6.1
Censored: No

Extract and run


Tags: Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Erotic Adventure, Erotic Content, Illegible Mink, Interracial, Male Protagonist, Netorare, Ren’py, School, Seduction, Sexy Girls, Visual Novel, Voyeur


Release 6.1
Final x.1 episode from the PoV of the MFC – from now all releases will be x.0 and from both perspectives.
350 new renders
Sex scenes based on the Share, Cuck and Cheat Paths.
Story takes all paths forward to a point which they make sense from a single release standpoint. MFC will engage in a Sharing experience for the first time, she will also engage in behind the scenes Cuck and Cheat encounters.
Updated Gallery
New Previews
Edited and updated developer notes
Tags updated
Bug fixed with several if / else statements which led to the same scenes from different paths being shown in succession.
Various artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements

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