Beyond Persona Remake – Chapter 1 [sn00p]

Beyond Persona Remake – Chapter 1 [sn00p] Free Download

About Beyond Persona Remake – Chapter 1 [sn00p]

Info: Three years after your break-up, your dreams finally stopped, you somehow managed to get over her,
forget about her in some days, but…some things are there to stay,
and they won’t leave no matter what you do.
The dreams are back, and they feel more real than before,
will you be able to make the difference between them and reality?
But, in the end, it won’t change a thing…


Date: 16.03.2023
Language: English
Version: Chapter 1
Censored: No

1. Extract and run.

Before the remake in Extra Content MEGA


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As I said, here we go with the first release of the REMAKE, Chapter 1, improved and upgraded to FHD. As you know, while I was remaking/remastering the old content I decided at some point to fully upgrade it to FHD, being just in HD wasn’t fitting right for me.
Anyway, here’s the first Chapter 1, in FHD, some scenes were added, some modified, please keep in mind the changes to Chapter 1 are not final, the final build can be considered once I release Chapter 3, and we’re on the track once again, so, keep in mind some things are going to change.
And, please, feel free to share your feedback regarding this, what I could improve, add and so on.
About Chapter 2, we’re on track with it, that one is going to suffer more changes than Chapter 1, but it’s going just fine, there are three scenes that give me headaches, but I’ll manage it.
Can’t give you an ETA on the release of Chapter 2 right now, but I can say it’s not going to take months.

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