The Ark: Sci-Fi Adult Game – New Version 0.1.4 [The_Aesthetik]

The Ark: Sci-Fi Adult Game – New Version 0.1.4 [The_Aesthetik] Free Download

About The Ark: Sci-Fi Adult Game – New Version 0.1.4 [The_Aesthetik]

Info: The Ark is a game about collecting different races and species to conserve them. Travel to another space-time, fight the dangers and collect a race to avoid its dissapearance joining The Ark.​


Date: 09.07.2023
Language: English
Version: 0.1.4
Censored: No

1. Extract and run The Ark.exe.


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v0.1.4 – The Awakening Part III
Cryo room redone
Engines room redone
Lobby redone
Corridors redone
Added animations in the text of the dialogues
Added colors to certain keywords to improve readability
Added checkpoints in stealth and platform trials
Fixed a bug where the player could fall from high-altitude platforms without taking damage
Fixed a bug that triggered the distraction immediately after being throwed
Added visual clues for throwing distractions in stealth trial
Solved various bugs
Added a small animation to notify the player when the game is being saved
Added the command bridge to The Ark
Added Aline to the crew
Added a small presentation cinematic of Aline

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